Throughout the descriptive process of each individual figure of Celestial Chessworks, certain equations and formulas will be consistently used. The primary ones are, the product of the apparent front/side facet ratio total. The sum of the ratio totals multiplied by the Sun square value of 37 that was given in the introduction of the presentation, and the actual facet total multiplied by this same value. This will be given the acronym of SC-37 for Solar Constant in all future references. Additional formulas will be presented for cases of interactions between the figures, or an occasional item of interest corresponding to a part of a figure's front/side structure. The numbers generated by these formulas will then be ascribed corresponding words or phrases found in either the Greek or Hebraic gematric language systems. Keep in mind that this procedure doesn't exhaust all possible interpretations for the figures, and that the interpretations are for the most part found in the writings of traditional sources which I will provide references to. However, I have become familiar enough with these language systems to present new phrase combinations that will not be found outside of this project.

The first equation for the King figure is: Front-26 x Side-14 = 364. This value readily associates the King figure with the Solar Yearly cycle in the mode of 26 fortnightly or 2 week periods, from which the ancient phrase, "A Year and a Day" originated. Knowledge and understanding of this most influential cycle of time affecting humanity was and still is a fundamental factor of our existence. Although the yearly cycle is not divisible into a whole number of days precisely, this number is the closest approximation that reconciles the four quarterly seasons in an equal number total. Names of deities and phrases equating to the yearly cycle were created by many ancient cultures and especially the Greeks, in an attempt to acquire or invoke some beneficial influence from the intelligence thought to be directing this cycle by their priesthood. At the advent of the early Christian church's influence in Rome, several of these names were being invoked by competing groups or gnostic cults such as Meithras-365 and Abraxas-365,. John Michell makes reference to this situation in his book, " City of Revelation " previously mentioned, and relates how one of the most influential bishops of the Christian church in the 2nd. century AD, named Irenaeus, effectively led a campaign to discredit and ridicule these competing groups who were literally conveying cosmological knowledge known since ancient times by means of these names and phrases. In his books called, "Against Heresies", is this reference;

"But the local positions of the three hundred and sixty five heavens they distribute in the same way as the mathematicians, for they have taken their theorems and applied them to their own kind of learning. And their head, they say, is Abraxas, therefore he has in himself the three hundred and sixty five numbers."

Despite the efforts of Irenaeus' and others to discredit and destroy all awareness pertaining to this systems of knowledge, up to and including the destruction of the famous library of Alexandria in Egypt, many elements of this ancient knowledge would survive appropriately enough, "within" this new dominant religious order, in secrecy of course. Although the names and phrases changed to reflect the principals and concepts of this new order, the underlying "Canon" of numbers and geometries would remain the same. One of my main interests is reconstructing some of these correlations known during this tumultuous period of destruction between the competing groups, such as the change of the ancient Egyptian deities named "Nepthys-744 + Isis-420" = 1164 by the Greeks, which was converted into an epithet of Jesus as "Yios Theoy"-1164, Son of God. Michell gives the geometric relevance of this value as the circumference of a circle of diameter 370, which is found in the layout of the sarsen stone circle of Stonehenge in England using an ancient measurement unit known as the Megalithic Yard of appx. 2.72 ft. This unit turns up in monuments and structures in ancient Egypt as well, so the correlation made between the two gematric names is no coincidence and gives a good glimpse into the remote antiquity of this knowledge system. It had the benefit of being easy to learn and remember by ascribing religious significance to these names and phrases carrying the embedded information, in an era when writing was still reserved by the priesthood and rulers of these cultures.

The above title, "The Hand of Abraxas" , totals 2220 which is the value of the next equation of the King figure as the actual facet total of the figure of 60 x SC-37. This value was already presented in the introduction section as the sum of the phrase "Ego Alpha kai Omega"-2220,, as a converted Christian epithet or title of Christ, meaning "Anointed". This is also the theme of the next equation of the King figure as the sum of the front/side facets multiplied by the SC-37 value as, 26 + 14 x 37= 1480- Xpistos. Not too coincidental to this aspect of the figure is another phrase title totaling 2220-"Xpistophoros", meaning Christ-bearer. By now the reader may be slowly coming to the conclusion that this is no ordinary Chess design. Perhaps a bit more illumination or Phos-1500 in the reader's Nous-720,ie; 2220 total, will clarify matters. The name or word Abraxas, or its variant spelling Abrasax isn't all too familiar to many people anymore thanks to the established Church's role of suppressing any concept that doesn't fit in well with their proverbial triad dogma of Father, Son and Holy Spirit. Hey, if it wasn't for that epic title of the same name by the inspirational musical genius, Carlos Santana years ago, I probably wouldn't have any conception of the name myself, not that it sparked any personal interest or curiosity in me then in my younger days. In fact it would be years after I had designed the Celestial Arena before I learned anything regarding this aspect of the King figure. So here's a not too flattering illustration of this enigmatic character for your amusement.

Homely looking feller, isn't he!

I think I like my version better! Carl Jung once did an analysis of this entity that is a little more to my liking in his transcription of the gnostic Basilides' treatise entitled, "Seven Sermons to the Dead".

God and devil are distinguished by the qualities of fullness and emptiness, generation and destruction. EFFECTIVENESS is common to both. Effectiveness joineth them. Effectiveness, therefore, standeth above both; is a god above god, since in its effect it uniteth fullness and emptiness. This is a god whom ye knew not, for mankind forgot it. We name it by its name ABRAXAS. It is more indefinite still than god and devil. That god may be distinguished from it, we name god HELIOS or sun. Abraxas is effect. Nothing standeth opposed to it but the ineffective; hence its effective natyre freely unfoldeth itself. The ineffective is not, therefore resisteth not. Abraxas standeth above the sun and above the devil. It is improbable probability, unreal reality. Had the pleroma a being, Abraxas would be its manifestation. It is the effective itself, nor any particular effect, but effect in general.

It is unreal reality, because it hath no definite effect. It is also creatura, because it is distinct from the pleroma. The sun hath a definite effect, and so hath the devil. Wherefore do they appear to us more effective than indefinite Abraxas. It is force, duration, change.

The dead now raised a great tumult, for they were Christians.

Sermo III.

Like mists arising from a marsh, the dead came near and cried: Speak further unto us concerning the supreme god. Hard to know is the deity of Abraxas. Its power is the greatest, because man perceiveth it not. From the sun he draweth the summum bonum; from the devil the infimum malum: but from Abraxas LIFE, altogether indefinite, the mother of good and evil.

Smaller and weaker life seemeth to be than the summum bonum; wherefore is it also hard to conceive that Abraxas transcendeth even the sun in power, who is himself the radient source of all the force of life. Abraxas is the sun, and at the same time the eternally sucking gorge of the void, the belittling and dismembering devil.

The power of Abraxas is twofold; but ye see it not, because for your eyes the warring opposites of this power are extinguished. What the god-sun speaketh is life. What the devil speaketh is death. But Abraxas speaketh that hallowed and accursed word which is life and death at the same time. Abraxas begetteth truth and lying, good and evil, light and darkness, in the same word and in the same act. Wherefore is Abraxas terrible. It is splendid as the lion in the instant he striketh down his victim. It is beautiful as a day in spring. It is the great Pan himself and also the small one. It is Priapos. It is the monster of the under-world, a thousand-armed polyp, coiled knot of winged serpents, frenzy. It is the hermaphrodite of the earliest beginning. It is the lord of the toads and frogs,, which live in the water and gets up on the land, whose chorus ascendeth at noon and at midnight. It is abundance that seeketh union with emptiness. It is holy begetting. It is love and love`s murder. It is the saint and his betrayer. It is the brightest light of day and the darkest night of madness. To look upon it, is blindness. To know it, is sickness. To worship it, is death. To fear it, is wisdom. To resist it not, is redemption.

God dwelleth behind the sun, the devil behind the night. What god bringeth forth out of the light of the devil sucketh into the night. But Abraxas is the world, its becoming and its passing- Upon every gift that cometh from the god-sun the devil layeth his curse.

Everything that ye entreat from the god-sun begetteth a deed from the devil. Everything that ye create with the god-sun giveth effective power to the devil. That is terrible Abraxas. It is the mightiest creature, and in it the creature is afraid of itself. It is the manifest opposition to the pleroma and its nothingness. It is the son`s horror of the mother. It is the mother`s love for the son. It is the delight of the earth and the cruelty of the heavens. Before its countenance man becometh like stone. Before it there is no question and no reply. It is the life of creatura. It is the operation of distinctiveness. It is the love of man. It is the speech of man. It is the appearance and the shadow of man. It is illusory reality.

Now the dead howled and raged, for they were unperfected.

Well, maybe that was a bit more than the reader wanted to know! My interest in this description is trying to discern how these attributes of Abraxas occur, and as usual, Geometry holds the key.

'H Kuriou Kardia

Using the old standby Greek mathematical formula for Pi or 22/7, the 364 product value of the King figure becomes a diameter of circumference 1144, which is the value of the phrase above, I interpret as,"The Lord's Heart". If this value is then multiplied by the square root of two to denote the attributes of Duality found in this entity, the product give a very close value for the Phi ratio or Golden Mean value of a line 1144 x sq.rt.2 = 1618. This "Spiraling" gnomon value is the generative principal found in the growth forms of Life itself including us humans. Another interesting thing about this equation is that it is a permutation of itself, as 1.144 x 1.414 =1.6176, which has its closest whole integer ratio value of, 34:55.

The value 2220 is geodetic and connects to the Solar year of 365.25 days as its divisor, whose quotient is 6.078. . If this value looks familiar, it is because it represents a 1/1000 fractional decimal unit of the nautical mile previously mentioned in the beginning of the presentation. This is a mere two feet greater than the average or "mean" value of the nautical mile of 6076 ft., which varies according to latitude variations in the Earth's oblate spheroid shape. But even this difference in the average mean value is represented to be a fractal portion of 1/22.20 squared as, 22.20 x 22.20 = 492.84, inverse value .002029 + 6.076 = 6.078029 x 365.25 = 2220.000. The Celestial King's value of 2220 is therefore a measure of the Earth's "Longitude", in relation to its yearly orbit around the Sun. It can also be used to detemine the area of the Earth in square miles using the formula, 2220 x 88800 = 197,136,000 sq.mi. , thus linking the two familiar Greek gematric phrase values of "Ego Alpha kai Omega", multipled by Jesus or,"IHSOUS"-888 x 100 . The full equation is, 197,136,000sq.mi. / 4PI = 15,687,584.43sq.mi. , whose sq.rt. is, 3,960.7555mi. , which is the radius of the circumference of the Earth as 24,886.161 mi.

One of the most amazing "coincidences" of the aforesaid area of the Earth value 2220 x 88800 =197,136,000sq.mi., is it's link to ancient Egypt's Great Pyramid which is speculatively known to encode the dimensions of the Earth. The English mile unit of 5280 ft., is understood to be derived from the ancient Saxon land measure of the acre of 43,560sq.ft. It was computed as being equivalent to 640 acres. This is interesting as being a "Chessboard" value, which is a definite clue to the connection. By utilizing this factor in the division of the area of the Earth, the following equation results: 197,136,000sq.mi. / 640sq. = 481.289sq.mi. This value should be very easily recognized as the height of the Great Pyramid, which is generally understood to represent 280 Egyptian Royal Cubits of 1.718889etc. ft. or 20.62667etc. inches.

If the value of 2220 is used as a circumference, the radius becomes another name most familiar to a gnostic Greek, as, "'Ermes"-353. So that curious phrase mentioned above, "It is the hermaphrodite of the earliest beginning" , starts to come into focus a bit I think. This name is the Greek equivalent of the Roman deity Mercury, that old caduceus carrying, winged sandaled, invisible helmet wearing messenger of the gods, for those readers who don't remember much about mythology. This is the second direct connection of the Celestial Chessworks figure's connection to the Mercurial square of 8 Chessboard! Before I get too involved with this aspect of the King figure, I will have to introduce the remaining aspects it contains. In that case, it is best to start at the beginning, or should I say, Before the Beginning!


The above title, meaning literally "Before the Beginning", represents the face sum value of the King figure's front facets, 26 x 37 = 962. This was the first of the series of figures I made for this design, in 1983, just before the birth of my son. Hard to believe that was 20 years ago at the time of this writing! The idea that I may have been creating the ultimate Chess design theme intrigued me to no end then. At that time I was employed as a clerk in the local Register of Deeds office in Wake Co. NC., and thought of this design as a means of somehow supplementing my meager salary there, LOL! It was after the design was complete, that I started noticing all of the particular numerical arrangements it generated which were familiar to me from my knowledge of John Michell's books already mentioned. But even these pivotal books, couldn't solve all the puzzling aspects of the design I had created. So I began searching for other sources of esoteric knowledge from whatever contemporary authors I could find to guide me. One of the most helpful turned out to be the now famous author and visionary artist, Jose Arguelles. It wasn't until after I had created the Celestial Chessworks design, that his first book, "Earth Ascending" would be published in 1984. It was interesting, in that it presented some of the first connections between the ancient civilization of the Mayans in Central America with their amazing calender system, to the Oriental I Ching system that I was already familiar with, through the use of magic square components. But it wasn't until his second book, "The Mayan Factor", published four years later in 1987, the year of my daughter's birth, and after I had already filed and received the patents on the design that I found what I was looking for to describe the King figure adequately. In this book, he presented to the world at large, a symbol known to the descendants of the Mayans as, "Hunab Ku". What intrigued me the most concerning this symbol was the flaring of the extremities in this 2-dimensional mode. It occurred to me when I saw it for the first time, that what I had created was a 3-dimensional representation of the same symbol, directly received by whatever powers that be, instead of being presented with such as was the case with Arguelles back in 1968 . In the interim 20 years to the present, Arguelles has gone on a mission to literally convert the world to his vision of what this symbol represents, and has quite a large following of devotees to this vision as best described on the website:earthportals.

The premise of the Thirteen Moon Calendar Change Movement is that the current Gregorian Calendar and the mechanical clock constitute an artificial timing frequency which is responsible for human alienation from nature and the creation of a thoroughly materialistic civilization dominated by money and machines. By changing the calendars and calling a halt to all human activity for one day, the Day Out of Time, July 25, 1995, and beginning a new time, July 26, 1995, the human race will have accomplished an unprecendented moment of World Peace. The impact of this one event and the calendar change will redirect humanity into the correct timing frequency of nature represented by the biologically accurate Thirteen Moon 28-Day Calendar.

According to Thirteen Moon Calendar Movement Messengers, Jose and Lloydine Arguelles, "the calendar change is the only way to put the brakes on the self-destructive course of present-day civilization. It is the only way to stop the moral atrocities and environmental abuse that are now being committed on behalf of the nationalism and economic development. Not only is the Thirteen Moon 28-Day Calendar scientifically more regular and accurate than the current twelve-month Gregorian Calendar, but its implementation also represents a moment of prophetic truth for all of humanity."

Since the King symbol that I have is 3-Dimensional, it contains more information than can be ascertained from its 2-Dimensional counterpart. It reconciles the differences between the accounting systems of the Mayan's vigesimal base 20, and cyclic 13 intervals, with the Western culture's decimal base and 12:60 time intervals. This is due to the product value of the King being factored as either 13 x 28 = 364, or 14 x 26 = 364, with the additional so called, "Day out of Time",by Arguelles' followers added to make the full Solar year. The word "Hunab" means "Unified Measure" in the Aztec language according to the research of a friend of John Michell named John Neal who states in his website called, "Secret Academy":

Teotihuacan far exceeded ancient Rome in its dimensions, the ceremonial area alone largely surrounds an avenue and is almost two miles in length. The citadel, three vast pyramids, satellite pyramids and temples, all now restored, give a multitude of reference points from which facts may be deduced. An engineer, Hugh Harleston, brought these facts forth from their obscurity. When he made his discoveries at Teotihuacan, in the early seventies, he had resided in Mexico for some 25 years and the ancient city had fascinated him. Knowing that the ruins were relics of a much higher culture than modern thought credits it, he realised that much was to be interpreted through a knowledge of the system of mensuration by which it had been designed. Consulting the plans draughted by the government in 1964, and those of Millon from 1970 in addition to his own examinations, he gathered an enormous amount of dimensional data. From this he sought simple recurring ratios. When these ratios were established, he sought common subdivisions, then humanly convenient subdivisions of these. With a logic and methodology that is difficult to criticise he was able to state with confidence that the principle unit of measurement as used by Teotihuanacos was a length of 1.059463 metres. Translated into feet this is 3.47593ft and is accurate to within one part in 19,000 of the double royal Egyptian cubit of 3.4757485ft, in later works he refined the figure still further to be correct to within five decimal places of this length, of which he was at that time unaware. He called the measure a hunab, which in the Aztec language means "unified measure", and the hunab is exactly eight to seven of the Aztec betan, which means "yard".

So frankly, I don't regard Western civilization's time accounting base of 12:60 to be the cause of all the world's current and past ills and traumas as Arguelles asserts, although that old Roman Church's fossil Gregorian system, which hasn't gotten over the even more archaic Julius Caesar affliction could definitely use a new facelift, LOL!

Some readers may already be trying to jump ahead a bit on some of the other aspects of the Celestial King's attributes such as the face value of 26 facets, which equates it with the Hebraic gematric symbolism of the Tetra-gram-maton name of "Yod-10 + He-5 + Vau-6 + He-5" = 26. Now there's a familiar face, eh? That assumption is correct, but rather than dole out the usual diatribe concerning this aspect, I think it would be more appropriate to present the Greek name equivalent components for the sake of continuity to all the aforesaid attributes. The letter value of 4 in Greek as Tetra= 706, is the diameter of a circle of value (what else?) 2220. The second part of the title is either Gram-144 or Grammh-192, which has the dual meaning of, "To Write", as in grammar, or more appropriately, as the word, "Line". So this is the diameter of the radial line, 353-'Ermes x 2. I think I'll call this line "He" in honor of Hermes' radius, :). That gives the two sections of this circle divided, as being "Yod"-10 and "Vau"-6, in the Hebraic system. The product of these two numbers is 60, which is once again the total facets of the Celestial King, but more importantly, it is also the Greek value of the letter "Xi"-60, and the factors of the Greek "Tetra-ktys", as numbers: 1-3 = 6, and 1-4 = 10 . The square of 60 = 3600, which if divided by the square root of 3, geometrically related as the long diagonal of a cube, the equation is, "3600 / 1.732 = 2078.4609, which is very nearly the sum total of the 1-64 square of the Mercurial chessboard, as 2080. The difference in the amount is interesting as 2080 - 2078.4609 = 1.539. If this value is then squared, it gives the product of 2.368 etc., which is yet another decimal multiple of the name, "Ihsous Xpistos"-2368. Hmm, didn't I mention in the beginning of this presentation that a holographic work of art should contain all of the information of the Whole in its individual parts? Yes, I think I did!

For now, I would like to assign this "Curiousity" as a potential of the Celestial King figure, an unmanifest protozoa perhaps or a gamete, you know,,, a sperm! In order to make this potentia a reality, something else is needed, you know,, an egg! So where is my Celestial King going to find an egg? Maybe that wily 'Ermes, can come up with an answer. The diameter line 706 multiplied by the square root of 2 or 1.414 = 998.4347, which is nearly, 999 or 27 x SC-37 . The value 998 equates to the Greek word, "Nymphe"- translated as "Bride" by John Michell in, "City of Revelation" . Well thanks a lot pal! Maybe he ought to go rustle up some flowers like that FTD fellow and see what he can come up with, LOL! The root 3 rectangle ratio 1:1.732, is more commonly known in plane geometry as either the Fish, or a Fish's bladder as it is the shape of two interlocking circles touching at their centers. It also suggests another part of the anatomy of a female, but for the sake of propriety, I'll just use the more appropriate term of "Vesica Piscis". The total equation that started with the Celestial King's actual facet value 60 x 37 = 2220 / Pi-3.14159ect. = 706.6479 x 1.732ect. = 1223.95 , or for all practical purposes 1224, which is the value of the word, "IXTHYES"-Fishes. So if the reader smells something fishy about this presentation so far, don't blame me,,those ancient Greeks had a real good sense of humor, :)

This just about concludes the initial interpretation and analysis of the Celestial King and opens the "Door" in a manner of speaking, for the next figure of the Celestial Queen.

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