The Chymical Wedding of the Celestial

King and Queen

Now, how does that old Matrimonial rhyme go again? "Something Old, something New, something Borrowed and something Blew?" I think! It seems to me that in ages past, the concept of Marriage was regarded in a more sober light than it is today, possibly because it involved a Vow to God, as well as to each respective partner to maintain a solid commitment to each other. Some social cultures of the past, imposed sometimes severe repercussions in the event these vows and commitments were not upheld. In a sense, the marriage union is the very foundation of a society, culture, state, etc., and in that respect, the degree of stability of that foundation more often than not, depends on the successful fulfilment of those vows and commitments made. Of course, this solemnity is tempered more softly whenever Love prevails in the union. But as we know, sometimes Love, like Justice is Blind. Why this is, is a real mystery, and the reader knows by now, that I love a Mystery!

This occasion fits the parameters of the ancient mysterious process known as Alchemy to the Philosophers, seekers of Wisdom, proverbial Gold-diggers, and let's not forget the occasional Charlatan! All of the ancient sages who have expressed an understanding or knowledge of the particulars involved in this endeavor, state that it usually contains some degree of difficulty, towards achieving any substantial "Ideal", or Golden stage, meaning simply, that all parties to the successful union, including the couple's own society, culture, state, etc., obtain a satisfactory mutual benefit.

The successful result of this process is described as a transformation or transmutation of the elements or parties, etc. into a new state of being, or condition more valuable and durable than before the union transformation. The texts on the subject describe many types of substances, just as there are many types of persons or parties in a culture desiring this ideal state, but these particular substances usually reduce down to three categories, generally known as "Volatile", usually denoted by the physical element Sulphur. A "Base", denoted by that most slippery and elusive substance called Mercury, and a more stable, "Neutral" catalyst compound of a Salt.

The Greek philosopher Plato's description of this process is found in the book Timaeus, which describes the process in terms and degree of difficulty, being not much different than the more familiar Hebraic account of creation of Heaven and Earth itself, whose successful achievement is a "New" condition or presence, which he called the "Universal Soul". This something "New" fits in well with that Matrimonial theme rhyme. It could be regarded as a new or perhaps a renewed Life itself, with all of the allusions that abound in the Alchemical literature, to a curious "Elixir" of either Longevity or medicinal wonder cure. As far as this particular aspect of the process goes, it is easy to see that this prospect, of achieving a successful union, would definitely become more desirable in a paradoxical sense, the more corrupted, degenerate or aged the elements or parties have become. Perhaps, as a consequence of this decayed state of the parties or elements, the less blind and more sincere their particular motivational purpose would be towards fulfilling this objective.

With this background and concept in mind, it is time to determine what elements that compose the King and Queen of Celestial Chessworks, can be successfully united towards this goal of a "New" or perhaps renewed state. As the reader may have determined already in their previous descriptions, the potentials of the two figures in their separate state are fairly immense already. So, lets look once more at the King figure, in a new or is it "OLD" Light. It is not generally known to many, that the ancient the Hebraic kingdom, once adhered to a yearly calendrical system whose accuracy, rivaled that of our current modern computational abilities, aided by all of the advance technology we now employ for precision calculation processes today. In my opinion, a better indication of advanced cultural sophistication, is one that applys simple formulas or designs, which can then be used to acommodate very complex processes, not the other way around as found in today's modern world, where we now employ very complex machines such as microwave ovens to do simple processes, such as boil water, LOL!

The foundational base of this yearly calendric cycle was none other than a period of 364 days, which matches the facet multiple product of the Celestial King as described already. To this foundational cycle, simple adjustments were made, based loosely on the weekly cycle or phases of the Moon in 7 day periods. The difference in this yearly system of the ancient Hebrews was resolved to an extremely accurate equivalent by intercalary adjustments as follows. After a period of 7 years of 364 days, a festival was held for 7 days to bring the total cycle to the accurate whole integer day equivalent of 365 Solar days. Next, after a period of 7 x 7 of these adjusted cycles, another festival was held for 7 days, which brought the total period per year to 365.1428571 days. Still a bit off for even government work, so after another period of 70 of these adjusted years, a festival called a "Jubilee" was held for another 7 days, which is equated as follows. (70 x 365.1428571 + 7) / 70 = 365.2428571 days. The most accurate figure that I have come up with for the Tropical Solar year cycle is, 365.242199 days, for a difference of a mere, .0006581 fractional day, which when multiplied by the 86400 seconds in a Solar 24 hr. day, comes to precisely 56.85984 seconds per year. At that rate, it would take around 1520 years to be off by a whole day. Not bad considering that the old Julian calender system was off by 10 days in 1260 years from the establishment of the Vernal equinox Mar. 21st. date by the Nicaea Council in 325 A.D. until the Gregorian Reform calender was established around 1582. Incidently, there has been a lot of intrigue regarding this calendar system that has come to light over recent years since the millenium date of 2000 A.D. occurred, regarding how it was established as well which I hope to delve into later, but at this point, all I would like to know of the more affluent readers of this work is, "Does your Oyster jeweled Rolex keep time this good?" LOL!

(For a more in depth study of this calender system of the ancient Hebrews, see the website) A Case for Created Time.htm

One additional gematric item of some interest in the previous section is the use of the 86400 second day cycle, whose associations are made with the name, "Pythagoras"-864, and also the phrase mentioned by J. Michell in, "City of Revelation", of "Thronos Abraxas"- 499 + 365 = 864. This value is also found in the current average diameter of the Sun in mile units, multiplied by a thousand. It should be more obvious to the reader by now, that there once existed a very high level of collaboration between the ancient Hellenistic Greeks and the Hebraic Kingdoms, as well as other cultures in the surrounding known world concerning their celestial and terrestrial knowledge, that was encoded into two separate gematric language formulas. When they are viewed separately, they appear to be incompatible in their descriptive formulas, but as you will learn, these two systems were in fact very complimentary concerning certain celestial concepts. An example of this collaboration will next be shown by another look at the Celestial Queen figure.

The Hebraic gematric value of the 2nd. verse of Genesis 1, begins with, "And the Earth was without form, and void, and darkness was upon the face of the deep." This graph was borrowed from the website of another highly evolved gematric researcher named,Vernon Jenkins , whom I have had the pleasure of corresponding with via e-mail on the internet in the past few years now, and perhaps in the coming days ahead again. Mr. Jenkin's described areas of expertise are in the realms of pure applied Geometry, and Number Theory as well as computer programming I believe, and his knowledge of both the Hebraic and Greek gematric systems is very good also as the reader will discover on his prodigious website studies. What is so interesting then is that after years and probably countless hrs pouring over every possible geometric combinational scheme in his vast database, he should come up "Void" on this particular section of Genesis 1:2(a). This section has the value of 2177, and no it doesn't have a geometric counter arrangement like all of his previous analysis and diagrams reveal. However, it does relate to the Celestial Queen's previous section description in the phrases already given as, "One Pearl of Great Price" and "Ark of the Covenant", both of whose values were mentioned as the doubled "Rood"or, 33sq. x 2 half acre value of 2178 ft. John Michell gave one other gematric correspondence to this specific value of 2177 as being, "Ihsous O' Ixthys"- Jesus, the Fish . Well now, I can be a bit sympathetic towards Mr. Jenkin's difficulty in seeing "That Fish", way down there in that, "Void and Darkness on the face of the Deep"! I love to fish myself, and know how much patience it takes and then there's always the patented tale of the "One that got Away"! Hmm, then again, maybe he's been holding out to catch "Nessie" instead, I hear there's been a real rash of "Lake Monsters" this summer, LOL!

The second section of the 2nd., verse of Genesis does have several geometrical correspondences as, "And the Spirit moved gently on the face of the water (or deep)", which equates to 37 x 37 = 1369. This value connects "Fluidly":), to the previous section in the equation, 217.8 x 2 = 435.6 (the whole acre multiple) x the Greek Pi of 22/7 = 1369. So how does this connect to the Marriage union of the Celestial King and Queen you ask? This is also the whole integer value of the combined multiples of the King -364 + Queen-72 = 436 x Pi = 1369.7344, for starters. The fractional addition .7344 appears interesting, as it is a multiple of 17 x 432, whose gematric total equates to the Greek word for "Conception" "Katabole"-432.

Three Greek gematric phrases are given for the value 37sq.=1369 which are very revealing, "EIS QEOS O KURIOS", "O QEOS ZWHS" and the, "EIKWN QEOU", which translate generally into, "One God, The Lord", "The God Life", and "Ikon God". At this point, I do believe it is safe to say that a successful merger of the two parties into one has been achieve in the Chymical Wedding ceremony. The above gematric phrases are found in another amazing website called "Odeion" , whose articles are published by a very obscure fellow whom I haven't received an email reply to my introductions to date, named Peter Wakefield Sault. He has published an annotated version of a rare treatise on, Gematria by the architect who surveyed the ground ruins of Glastonbury Abby in England, Frederick Bligh Bond and Thomas Simcox Lea, first published in 1917. This is an amazing source book which J. Michell used extensively in his early works.

The first of these phrases, "One God, The Lord", introduces the Greek concept and word "Kurios"-Lord, for the first time, and its meaning in the Macro-Cosmic sense, means Lord of the Universe, but on a more Micro-Cosmic scale, it is applied to a very astounding geometric plan which literally encompassed the Earth itself in the phrase, "Kurios Ihsous Xpistos" -Lord Jesus Christ =3168. The diagram below from Mr. Wakefield's website as well as my animated gif. of the Celestial Queen title section represents this plan, which utilizes the combined total of the radius of the Earth and Moon to create a circle of circumference 31680 miles, that is also the perimeter of an equal square of diameter 7920 miles x 4 sides, that contains the Earth itself. This gives the "Canonical" value of the Earth's circumference as being, 7920 x Pi: 22/7 = 24,891.42857 miles. This is close enough for government work as the saying goes, in that this value can be adjusted in a similar fashion as was done in the case of the Solar yearly cycle, for either Polar or Equatorial dimensions, as it is presented in John Neal's book, "All Done with Mirrors", that I previously linked to at his website,"Secret Academy", in the Celestial King section.

This knowledge has been around now for many decades, and yet if you were to ask a random person on the street if he knew anything about it, they would probably say, "Huh?" It has been quite literally "Resurrected" from an ancient grave, covered up by much of the so called Scientific and Industrial Revolution and Social Darwinism that has prevailed for the past few centuries at least, in the hollowed halls of "Academia" of most accredited Institutes of Materialism. The advent of the World Wide Web, has been the only public forum for presenting any sort of cohesive format for this knowledge, other than word of mouth, so to speak. This is still a very frail medium to convey knowledge as well it seems, with all of the malevolent intents of cyber-criminals and virus vandals that abound in its realms. Still it is an amazing medium towards achieving one's objectives whatever they may be. (OK, so I do have a tendency to rant about my own personal peeves as well on it sometimes, LOL!)

Getting back to the Alchymical Couple, the next section of Genesis verse 3, can be determined as well. And I'm sure Mr. Jenkins is hot on its trail by now, LOL! The combined whole integer value of the product diameters of the Celestial Couple, serves the function as a "Generative" principal that will be used to formulate the remaining figures of Celestial Chessworks individual interpretations to come. This adds another dimensional layer to the design's interpretation which acts as proof check to the principal concept each remaining figure expresses. In the mean time, let's just say they act in the capacity of any regular Father and Mother, and as such, can be construed to represent the Oriental philosophic concepts found in the I Ching, as the, "1st. -Creative" hexagram, and the 2nd. "Receptive".

Now lets call upon another quaint and curious volume of nearly forgotten arcane lore called "The Secret Doctrine", written in the previous century by the Russian mystic H.P. Blavatsky, for a few wise words on the subject of this ceremony, shall we? This classic work of some degree of Occult notoriety, is a very verbal annotation of an alleged Tibetan work called, 'The Book of Dyzan" I like the simplicity of the words found in the Third Stanza of the book that states,

"Father/Mother spin a web, whose upper end is fastened to "Spirit"-Light of the One Darkness, and the lower one to its shadowy end Matter, and this is the Universe, spun out of the two substances made One."

Well this stanza definitely gives the right ingredients to the pot, but what about a hint or two on the proportions? The King/Queen diameter value 436 squared is 190096. This is very nearly, "Lord Jesus Christ"-3168 x 60, or 190080. By some very "Kurios" coincidence, the distance of the Moon from the Earth is very close to 60 Earth radii, or 3960 miles x 60 = 237,600 "Canonical" miles to be precise. This is very close to the average mean distance as computed by the best laser guided apparatus available to our beloved scientific techno-geeks, who proclaim its actual value as being 238,712 miles average, give or take an apogee/perigee variation of about 31,255 miles according to the website, Moonstats . So if we add the Moon's radius to the aforesaid "Canonical" value as 237,600 + 1080 miles, the total of 238,680 miles leaves another minuscule difference of 32 miles, or 1/7459.75 fractional discrepancy. (Hm, I wonder where those ancient Greeks, et al, got their Laser guided equipment from, I hope it wasn't NASA, they use strange metric systems from what I understand, LOL!)

Of course, all they really had to do to find this average radius distance was to multiply the Greek word for Light or, Phos-1500 x 1000 divided by Pi as 3.1415 etc. and then divide by 2 to get the radius value of 238,732 miles. A mere 20 mile difference! This value gives a good introduction to the third verse of Genesis, "And God said, "Let there be Light, And there was Light" A whole lot of it, LOL! This third verse of Genesis in the Hebraic gematric system totals a very unassuming value of 813. Not much there in the way of geometrical proportions that I'm aware of, and I'm sure if someone else researching this text such as Mr. V. Jenkins knew of any, it would already be posted on his website for the world to see. About the only item of significance I have come up with is a connecting link to the Greek gematric system of the similar phrase,GENHQHTW FWS "Genetheto Phos", or "Let there be Light" which totals 2683. The connecting factor in this case is same Holy Rood or quarter acre multiple 33sq. which in this case is reduced to 3.3 x 813 = 2682.9, a very snug fit if I do say so myself. But no matter how unassuming the aforesaid value of the Hebraic phrase equivalent 813 may first appear, without it, and the total of the second verse in two parts of Genesis already mentioned, 2177+1, and 1369, then the full total of the Celestial Couple's combined value 436 magnified by 10 wouldn't appear in the "Spot Light" would it? Say,,isn't one of the claims of Alchemy suppose to be some sort of projection of proportions or magnification of its components initial properties? Hmm! And then, if the value of the first verse of Genesis mentioned at the beginning introduction section as 37 x 73 = 2701 is added to this figure, the total of 7060, or 4,"Tetra"-706 x 10 referenced in the description of the Celestial King becomes obvious. Double Hmm!

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