LINKS TO SITES, either referenced in this production or related to it, somewhat categorized.
CHESS SITES (what a concept!)

Goddess Chess Preview
On Chess (Delphi forum discussion board)
Here's a nice French Chess Theory site: just because it has good taste and a link to my old website, :)
Not much need for any others, as I'm sure you have your favorites as well eh?
METROLOGY SITES (both ancient and modern)
Secret Academy by John Neal (an associate of author John Michell ) (a tribute to Livio C. Stecchini, but only because J. Neal's work only deals with linear measures, and not rectilinear or volumetric and weights.)
Foundational Metrology (an excellent site devoted to the mysteries of Giza
Units of Measure (because it is run by Russ Rowlett down the road a bit at The University of North Carolina :)
Weights and Measures of Ancient Egypt (nice graphics!)
Special page on Anglo-Saxon units  (interesting ideas on ancient Troy measures)
Civilization One (not because I regard these authors as having any great insights into metrology, but rather because of their interesting theory on the connection between  the ancient Megalithic Yard and later Imperial measure system.)
GEMATRIA or ISOPSEPHIA studies (Not the usual numerology Hokey Pokey kind either!)
Gematria (an epochal work by the architect Frederick Bligh Bond and Thomas Simcox Lea) compliments of web author Peter Wakefield Sault's site "Odeion"
Vernon Jenkin's website (an excellent study on mostly Hebraic alpha numeric correspondences found in Genesis 1.  Although I do tend to give him a bit of a Ribbin now and then for lingering on these opening verses too long, :)
Sacred Geometry stories of Jesus8880 by Daniel Gleason, need to give him a call sometime soon.
Some Notes on the History of Isopsephia (by John Opsopaus found on Biblioteca Arcana website)
ASTRONOMICAL and CALENDRICAL studies, (and maybe a few Astrologicals thrown in for good measure ;)=), for "ALICE"
The Sirius Research Group (interesting theory on the Brightest Star in our eye at Night!)
Binary Research Institute (likewise interesting theory relating to the Precessional Paradox)
Geniet Archaeocosmology (good source of info on Solar bodies cycles, etc. with calculator functions)
A Case for Created Time (timely study on the ancient Hebraic Jubilee Calendrical system)
Calendrical Study with some unique qualities by Simon Cassidy
Leap Year Study (with hopeful implications for correction to our current system in the future)
On The Origins of Chess (need I say more?)
TETRAKTYS RESEARCH CENTER (don't ask me to explain this, I'm just glad to see folks who definitely know what they are talking about even when I'm a bit fuzzy on all the Math involved, LOL!
Moonstats-Lunar Vital Statistics (good reference site for general info)
CALENDERS (a good review of many ancient middleastern culture's calenders)
NUMBER THEORY sites, or the like!
GNOSIS REGAINED (an astounding numerical study of Plato's Timaeus and other related works by Derek Skhane )
The Auric Key (Syndex Synergetics Synopsis (brilliant numerical patterns wrought by the numeronomist Robert Marshall and Iona Miller) 
Harmony and Proportion (by John Boyd-Brent.)
Dante's 55 & Platonic Lambda (who'd have time to analyse this mystery in full?)
Well I don't want to overdo it in this dept!
Geometry, Ancient, Modern and of course,,Sacred!
The Code of Carl Munck, and Ancient Gematrian Numbers ( a real classic study)
Deep Secrets (WooH,,there's a real eyecatcher!)
Platonic Solid Fold-up Patterns (nice toys to study, plus a good overview of their interactions and ratios!)
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