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Geometry, Ancient, Modern and of course,,Sacred,,cont.  (Hey, how about I make this easy, and just do a link to a links page. Now there's an idea! )
Bruce Rawles Favorite Sacred Geometry (& other) Links
The Golden Number Net-the Finest Phi!
Bruce Cathie maps World Grid (Hmm, why are all these great geomancers named Bruce?)
Jim Alison's Website (great site and it's amazing to see him in action scoping out the NW corner and SE corner of the Giza complex in Egypt on Graham Hancock's Phorum Website Mysteries Board! But he may still need a Seeing Eye Dog when he's done, right Alice? LOL!  Oh, and you can just scroll down to his links page for the rest of the geomancer gang gathered there as well.)
Controversial Mysteries, Authors, Researchers, and the like,,,

And last but certainly not least,,

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Isle of Avalon-The History of Glastonbury  (because that's where the key mystery of Celestial Chessworks lays buried !) 
JUNG CIRCLE (as well as other places)
it thrives close to the dragon
The HOPE - John Michell (the foundational author whose works inspired me to create, The Celestial Arena)
R.I.L.K.O Research into Lost Knowledge Organization Trust
Author Gary Osborne's Website (He's been doing some novel research lately!)
Alice O Howell (because yes Virginia , there really is an Alice in Wonderland, and lives just up the road from Arlo's Ashram, aka "Alice's Restaurant"!  Curiouser and curiouser, eh?)
And something else Big going on across the Big Pond in England is Geoff Simmons's site called:  Awugabunnies!